June 5, 2015

GDTSTOO Updates Soldier Field Seating Chart for Dead 50 ahead of TM re-release

If you are planning on trying for tickets in tomorrow’s Ticketmaster re-release for the Grateful Dead 50th Anniversary shows in Chicago, be sure to look at the updated seating chart provided by GDTSTOO & Ticketmaster.

grateful dead soldier field seating chart

In an unprecedented move for last-minute planning, Peter Shapiro and Madison House Productions have approved a GA-only seating arrangement for the three final Grateful Dead shows, which includes the stage itself.

Previous Versions of the Soldier Field Seating Chart – Grateful Dead 50

Version 1


Version 2

dead 50 soldier field seating chart

Version 3


“We felt it was unfair to the fans to change the seating chart after money orders were already sent out. This new seating arrangement should guarantee an authentic Grateful Dead concert experience for everyone, especially those who are sour about receiving 300-400 level tickets at the $199.50 price level,” Shapiro said.

commemorative tickets dead 50Numerous fans posted about their “winning” mail order ticket requests on social media and drug band message boards after they arrived, only to be disappointed at the seating locations and lack of returned money order funds. What remains to be seen is just how many tickets will be available in tomorrow’s online re-release, and for what prices.

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