June 27, 2015

Shapiro: Santa Clara shows just soundchecks for FTW Chicago

The Grateful Dead’s “Core Four” along with Jeff Chimenti, Bruce Hornsby, and Phish’s Trey Anastasio, will be performing two full-length shows this weekend in the Bay area’s Levi’s Stadium to prepare for the final Fare Thee Well performances in Chicago.


“We’ll be the first to admit that the demand for these California shows never really materialized, even for a second. I mean, just look at the resale prices online; it’s clear no one really wants to go to these shows anyway. They are pretty much just soundchecks for Chicago.” Shapiro said.


The shows this weekend will likely have a raw, unpolished feel as the band members get their tunes prepared for the Chicago shows, which ticket sales have shown to be the only ones that actually matter. A live webcast of the warm-up shows in Santa Clara will be available PPV.

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