April 28, 2015

PHOTO: Check out a leaked practice setlist from Bob Weir and John Mayer


Fair Thee Well has gained an exclusive peek into the rumored practice sessions with John Mayer and the Grateful Dead’s Bob Weir.

Late last week, numerous “news” outlets “reported” that some the remaining members of the Grateful Dead were considering an extended Fall tour with John Mayer replacing Phish’s Trey Anastasio at lead guitar. While the group will certainly never be billed as the Grateful Dead after their final July 5th show, it seems the idea of inviting Mayer onstage to play the band’s music for a full-scale tour is no joke.

According to Billboard.com, “The trek is due to kick off in October, with the guitarist [John Mayer] having already begun to jam in a rehearsal-like setting with select members of the group, chief among them Weir. But a rep for the band tells Billboard that it’s ‘premature’ to suggest an outing is being planned.”

Other sites offered similarly empty speculation, along with strong hesitations that the Grateful Dead’s bassist, Phil Lesh, is “particular about who he plays with.”

Luckily, a well-connected source of ours sent over this photo late Monday afternoon that all but confirms the insane speculation that is sweeping the internet lot and John Mayer message boards.


Setlist (pictured above)

Truckin’ , Althea, Waiting On the Eyes of the World to Change*, Cream Puff War of My Life*, Playin’ in the Band>Drums>Space>Gravity**


* New? Umphrey’s McGee-style mashups

** John Mayer original

According to the Philadelphia examiner’s top click-bait writer Victoria Miller, “Mayer jammed with Weir earlier this year on ‘The Late Late Show,’ where the two performed the Dead classics ‘Truckin’ ‘ and ‘Althea.’ “


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