April 1, 2015

Peter Shapiro: A Few Additional Grateful Dead 50 Shows in the Works


Earlier this week, Fair Thee Well was lucky to get in touch with Mr. Peter Shapiro for an unofficial statement regarding the possibility of additional shows:

“Based on the mass speculation I’ve witnessed online and the new waves of demanding emails I’ve received, the fans seem to be under the impression there are going to be additional Grateful Dead 50 shows in Santa Clara, Calif. in June. I don’t have any information as to whether or not the real Shapiro’s production company or the band will agree to such deals.” Shapiro said, “But I think it would make sense for there to be a few additional Grateful Dead 50 shows in the works given the current demand.”

Last month, NBA legend Bill Walton aroused a myriad of suspicion across the web with an announcement-style tweet that has since been removed from Twitter. While some fans expressed doubt as to whether or not the tweet itself was real, Fair Thee Well can confirm that it was alive and well in our twitter feed on the day it was tweeted and subsequently deleted.

With nothing new from GDTSTOO in the previous weeks as they supposedly finish sorting envelopes and matching incorrectly entered email addresses in their databases, a darkness of uncertainty has quickly washed over the digital Shakedown Street.

For now, fan speculation concerning additional shows is left to run wild on social media to perpetuate even the most ludicrous, click-bait news headlines concerning the much-anticipated anniversary tour.

UPDATE – April 1, 2015

KFOG-FM has reported that two additional “Fare Thee Well: Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Grateful Dead” shows are officially scheduled for Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California on June 27 and 28. Visit dead50.net for the full details from the band.

UPDATE x2 – July 7, 2015

During Monday night’s episode of PBS New Hour featuring Grateful Dead percussionist Bill Kreutzmann, the drummer revealed his wishes for the group to give the East Coast the farewell shows they deserve.

As reported by JamBase, Kreutzmann was quoted on the matter saying “I would like it to do — to do it more. Between you and me and all your lovely fans, I would like to have a couple more shows on the East Coast. I want to do it for the fans again because we had such amazing support in the East Coast from Deadheads. They deserve concerts like everybody does.”

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