March 24, 2015

GDTSTOO now hiring to accommodate ticket demand for Santa Clara shows

For the last few days, a small business in the Stinson Beach, Calif. area has been accepting applications for a peculiar job opening.

The classifieds listing, found under the title “the mailman’s best friend,” is accompanied by the following requirements:

“We are looking for someone who can open at minimum, 25 EPH (envelopes per hour) and read handwriting of varying degrees of legibility. Must be able to stay awake for weeks at a time. And those are just the physical requirements.”

After receiving an unexpected demand in the form of 60,000+ envelopes for Chicago, it would only make sense for the organization to continue their efforts for any additional shows and open up another round of mail order ticketing to fans across the country.

As rumors turned into flight and hotel confirmations following Bill Walton’s mysterious afternoon tweet, many deadheads are now left wondering how soon they will be able to send their money orders back to GDTSTOO for some tickets to the newly added Santa Clara shows in late June.

“Even though I just cashed my rejected money orders last week for Chicago I will definitely be trying to get tickets for the Grateful Dead 50th Anniversary shows in Santa Clara,” one eager fan boasted on Twitter.

So far there has been no official word on any additional Grateful Dead 50th Anniversary Shows in Santa Clara, California or further GDTSTOO mail order ticketing on