March 30, 2015

Facebook Group started for Official Fare Thee Well Drum Circle

Believe it or not, the Deadheads who popularized the timeless, trance-inducing tradition of holding drum circles at their concerts now maintain their own Facebook group.

“You could always count on finding drum circles at the shows,” the group’s founder writes. “With the help of social media, we’ll make sure this last one is loud enough for even Jerry to hear.”

As of Monday, the recently created Facebook group was nearing its 2,000th member and showing no signs of slowing down.

Since the recent waves of speculation surrounding the potential Grateful Dead 50th Anniversary Shows in Santa Clara, fans say they have seen a sharp increase in the amount of Facebook groups and events related to the band’s extensive following.

“There are events for pre-show parties, events for afterparties, and events for the shows that haven’t even been announced yet. There are groups for fans with tickets, and groups for fans without tickets. Add the daily news updates and rumors of more shows and it’s becoming hard to keep track of all the #dead50 updates on social media,” one visibly sleepless fan remarked.

Some fans, especially those who never experienced live music in conjunction with social media, are noticeably overwhelmed.

“You can really tell who is new around here — the generation gap is obvious. But, I think it’s cool to see all these heads come out of the woodwork on social media,” one enlightened millennial wrote.

If you are planning on attending the “Official Fare Thee Well Drum Circle”, be sure to join the Facebook group in order to register your name, drum type, and spot in the circle.